SL 60 HS Aluminium Sliding Systems

SL 60 HS Aluminium Sliding Systems

SL 60 HS lift & slide system , which can bear a sash with weights of 150, 200 or 300 kg capacities, is available in various different openings and being in the first place as single sash opening or double sash opening applicable.

SL 60 HS system offers water and air tightness with remarkable thermal insulation feature. The special sill profile used on frames eliminates the surface barriers on the floors of entry and exist points; offer rigid, easy and fast installation and helps to create an elegant architectural design.

SL60 HS system is also offering an elegant outlook with concealed sash feature.


  • Water Tightness


  • Resistance to Wind


  • Thermal Transmittance Coefficient

    Uf: 4,2-7,5 W/m2K Uw: 3,4 W/m2K (Ug: 2,7 W/m2K)

  • Air permeability

    Class 2