Our state-of-the-art aluminium bifold doors have the flexibility to combine sensible practicality with beautiful aesthetics that make a design statement. Thanks to a world-class test and design centre we can offer aluminium bifold doors of the highest quality.

Reynaers at Home’s aluminium bifolds can be designed to fit almost any space, size, or configuration. Industry-leading maximum sizes facilitate the design of folding doors up to a very impressive 3m in height and that is just the start.

Folding door flexibility

The flexibility of our design means we can create solutions with a single traffic door – to allow easy access in and out without having to unlock and fold back the entire set. We can also offer doors that open inwards or outwards, with an odd or even number of up to 8 leafs, and doors that either all fold back to stack against the same wall or split so some fold to one side and some to the other.

We make it simple and effortless to fold back a wall of bifold patio door leafs and let guests wander freely between your home and garden using the CF 77 doors. Unlike wood and plastics that are prone to expand and warp with seasonal changes in the weather, our made-to-measure aluminium bifold doors offer the ultimate in reliability.

Another way in which we can help to maximize the view is by offering a slim frame variant of our external aluminium bifold doors, CF 77-SL. The inherent strength of aluminium makes it possible to make frames that are slimmer than those made from uPVC or timber.

We’ve developed our range of premium quality aluminium bifolds to help bring the architects and homeowners vision into reality. When extending a living area, fitting state-of-the-art folding sliding doors, such as the CF 68, can turn the room into a tranquil haven that benefits from great views, abundant natural light, and a glorious feeling of space.